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Guided meditation which will be about 1:30 hour long so for those who can not meditate this group will make you feel like natural and it will be easy for you so don’t worry that you never meditate or cannot do it this long. Trust me you can in this session !. The way i have designed this meditation is going to take away your Chattered mind. The meditaion will be done over the phone conference. I will provide access phone and code ( Free call via FreeConference call service )  once the Donation is received . Anyone around the world can use this meditation service .
We will start off with:

1. Starting off with Intention & bringing back your personal power

2. OM Chanting ( 5-10 min ) Deep breathing with sound OM ,allowing sound to vibrate your Chakra and inner being -Bring water you might get thirsty!!

3. Heart light guided meditation ( Universal Expansion of your power ) -being one with the source , Expand your light !

4. Life Force of Soul Guided meditaion -Being one with Life force energy -Cleaning your energy & Grounding, becoming that Life force energy and attracting that energy.

5. short silence (5- 10 min )

6. Individual healing, Group Healing , World healing with Sun Tetrahedron & Earth Tetrahedron vortex spinning . Very Simple short version of Merkaba .

Merkaba,the light body is the inter-dimensional framework of the human energy field that connects to and metabolizes divine life force. The sacred geometry of the Merkaba is composed of two intersecting, crystalline tetrahedra (triangular pyramid). The center point of the spinning tetrahedron (pointing up and down) forms a “zero-point” construct that compels singular motion (wave of creation) to resonate with Universal Harmonics. This harmonic convergence within the center of the body activates a rotation phenomenon similar to twelve-strand DNA, which is the upward spiral of evolution.

7. Short guided hypnosis & meditation putting POSITIVE Suggestion ( I am C.HT ) for the group with different area each week ( confidence, remove fear, remove blockages ,health relaxation and healing , remove stress & anxiety , personal development , memory & learning , heighten psychic sensitivity , etc ) -As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ,i realized how important it is to use Hypnosis right after Meditation to manifest & accomplish your goal . will have different area each week.

8-Close with Giant Trees in the Forest Circle!

9-Positive Affirmation

10. Group Virtual Hug!

Repetition of this session I offer will change your life in many powerful way emotionally, mentally & physically. Usually normal Hypnosis session in private costs about $75-$125 for what i put here just the hypnosis part only . I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist .

WHAT will you get out of this meditation :

  • Grounded & Centered
  • Positive Hypnosis Suggestion which normally cost about $75-$125 in private session
  • Life changes
  • Shift your subconsciousmind from negative into positive
  • All your chakras opened
  • Your Heart light opened
  • Peace & Happiness
  • Abundance
  • Love ,Light & Compassion energy
  • Connecting to your masters & guides ( they do come in as you do this meditation )
  • Healing with Light & Merkaba
  • Much much more

Blessing !

Tina Saelee

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist , Certified Quantum Healing practioner ( Trained by Dolores Cannon ) , Metaphysical Teacher

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