Spritual Hypnosis Therapy

Align your soul to bring about healing and highest potential

This session is about awakening your heart to the presence of love within, aligning your heart with your soul, and aligning your soul with your consciousness. It incorporates many levels of truth as well as deep soul level healing , both seen and unseen, and makes available the wisdom of your experiences and allows you to draw on all that you are as a way to navigate your life with full consciousness. The process will awaken your soul and allow you to remember who you are and live your life to the fullest .

Soul Alignment & Soul Healing Therapy is an individualized Therapy which designed to fit every client specifically . Tina uses Guided Imagery to take her clients into deep relaxation and the journey of Soul Alignment & Soul Healing Therapy begins as she allows her higher selves takes over and work with her clients higher selves .

The 4 hours Therapy will assist clients to align to their higher selves and guides which brings about self healing to each of her clients . This healing often allows instantaneous  healing in all aspect of her clients ,often starting at energetic aspect first .

Most clients experience a dramatic shift in their relationship with themselves first. Clients often report feeling quite different within a week to a month after their session. You will have a greater understanding of yourself as a spiritual being within a human experience. Understanding your Soul’s purpose will offer you the opportunity to create more fulfillment and joy in your life.

Session Fee $ 250 flat fee rate .

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