Soul Healing & Soul Integration Testimonials


36 Responses to CQH Testimonials:

  1. Daniel says:

    It was extremely powerful.
    i saw my past lives and most of them relevant to this current life .

    it was very interesting experience . i could almost see the energy of the Higher Self speaking through me. i know its not me who spoke all these words. Very powerful .
    Thank you !!
    its worth it to experience this . I am glad i am opened to this and went for it.


  2. Annie says:

    Tina did a session of Collective Quantum Healing with me over the phone and it was an incredibly enlightening and exploratory experience. I gained insight into some past life scenarios as well as some greater Collective Consciousness lifetimes that were relevant to me. I also saw into the stucture of reality which still has me thinking. Thank you Tina and Betsy for the work that you do.

  3. Lori says:

    My past life regression with you was a beautiful and amazing experience. You are both such gentle and spiritual people that I felt completely safe and comfortable with the whole process. I wasn’t sure what, if anything, would come to me and was completely surprised by the information that came forward. I can’t thank you enough and would recommend you to anyone.

  4. dana Lacabe says:

    The experience was most interesting and I felt at ease. I have to say that the Betsy and Tina are very powerful spiritual beings and they knew how to handle every step involved. I do feel different and I’m still going through the changes in order to progress to that next level.

    I cannot express enough how wonderful both Betsy and Tina are. It’s truly a blessing to have people like you on earth. You’re the best!

    Warm regards,


  5. Jessica says:

    I did a session with Tina and Betsy. It was extremely powerful.
    Life changing. Really I can’t rave about them or the service they are offering enough.
    Their love, devotion, energy, and attention goes into everything they do. I felt this experience changed my life.

  6. Margie says:

    My session with Betsy and Tina was rich with images and positive energy. They are powerful women dedicated to their gifts. My session was comforting and extremely relaxing. Most important to me, is the relief from physical pain that I had been dealing with for 3 years. Amazing!
    Thank you

  7. Anik Wilmeth says:

    Betsy and Tina are amazing. My past life regression has helped me to make sense of emotions and events that have happened in this life, in a way that has helped me gain a healthier perspective. I had a very positive and healing experience with them that I will never forget.

  8. theskinyourin says:

    Tina and Betsy performed the past life regression hypnosis on me a few weeks ago. The entire process was very comforting, healing and enlightening, to say the least. The questions pre-session were thought-provoking and very thorough. Since this session, I have been able to not only meditate deeper but I also go into this deep meditative state much quicker. I still feel like I’m going through a healing process but the number of blocks removed by this hypnosis have helped me to heal that much fast. I am so impressed with Betsy and Tina and their natural abilities as a team, to bring comfort, relaxation, insight and healing on such a deep level. Thank you both so very much.

  9. Tina and Betsy are a true gift for those of us looking to heal and grow in a safe, loving environment. They both work from love and light and their highest purpose is to be of service to their client’s journey on this planet. My experience in the regression was astounding. It provided information relative to issues I’m currently experiencing and the healing process has begun. I’ve struggled with these issues for a couple of decades and feel I’ve finally found the missing pieces to move forward. I’m truly blessed to have been able to work with Tina and Betsy.

  10. The past life regression that I did with Tina and Betsy was truly amazing! I learned so much about myself and the things that I am and was capable of. I already knew that Betsy and Tina had a wonderful gift, but now I know that they are extremely gifted and I feel privileged to have had such a wonderful and eye opening experience with both of these lovely ladies. The past life regression session is a must if you would like to learn more about yourself on a deeper soul level. Thank you so much! Much Love!

  11. Hi I’m Susie. I had a session with Tina & Betsy a couple of week ago and I’m still amazed by the way I’m feeling today, I feel less stress more calm yet completely boggled by what came out during the past life regression. I am so happy I decided to have had the session.

  12. Julia says:

    My past lives regression session with Betsy & Tina was the most fascinating & amazing experience. First off, they were thorough in their questionings in order to assess the appropriate induction for me. They also explained how the process would work, which put me at ease. Their patience and interest in their subjects show that they truly care and want to help. They are a powerful and dynamic team that will continue to grow in strength for God.

  13. Kate says:

    I went to see Tina and Betsy not having any preconceived notions of what might happen, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve always thought we have the answers to our life questions within us, and this experience allowed me to access my “Higher Self”, which gave me some of those answers. Tina and Betsy are so capable and loving that it’s also a fun experience. You are in good hands, knowing that they are experie
    nced in guiding you to those answers. I was under a great deal of self-imposed stress last week when I went to see them, and I have not experienced anywhere near that level since I left, which is in itself a miracle. The other thing I noticed is I feel much more in alignment between my mind and body. I have a new sense of peace, which I attribute to this experience. Thank you Betsy and Tina. You are special women. xo


  14. With deep gratitude to you Betsy and Tina for the opportunity you have given me for this
    past life regression session. I’m so amazed! The same day I got the session I had a HUGE
    emotional release in the late late night and I was crying. I know that both of you helped bring
    to surface my deep seated insecurity and shed light upon me. It’s been exactly a week and
    you don’t know how great and calm I feel! I know this is just the beginning and Bless the both
    of you for your powerful and great work that you do!

    With love,


  15. Lauron says:

    WOW!!! I am so happy and really enjoyed this wonder life changing experience. Tina and Betsy are a dynamic team. I was really impressed with their professionalism and there knowledge. The passion and the love they have for this industry definitely shines through their spirit’s and work. I would definitely be coming back for another healing past life regression session. I also would recommend and suggest if you are thinking of doing hypnotherapy session and or past life regression. Just Do It!!! Betsy and Tina are the professional’s you should chose.

    Lauron Jones
    Los Angeles ,ca

  16. To the most wonderful women that I have had the opportunity too meet and work with. I had the most extraordinary experience in that moment with my appointment, I can only say to those that read this to be open in their heart, their body, mind and spirit, to be understood in the most delightful light working of the art of Gods energy…. lots of blessing to those that have the trust in the love and light of heaven!!!!!! :0)

  17. Tracy says:

    My past life regression with Tina and Betsy was simply amazing. I found that my issues from my other lives overlapped with the issues I have in this life and this has really helped me open my eyes to new ways of looking at myself. Besty & Tina and extremely nurturing and their gentle approach helped me get through a tough spot during the regression. For a couple of weeks after, I kept reflecting on what I saw and more information was provided to me about how to heal those issues. I can’t say enough good about these two wonderful ladies and their mission to heal the world.

    Tracy I.

  18. joan says:

    When I decided to experience a Past Life Regression, I chose not to learn too much about the process. I wanted the experience to be as pure and uncontrived as possible. I didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome would be. One thing I knew for sure was that I unconditionally trusted Betsy and Tina. Why, you ask? In all my associations with them, they have always exuded love, concern and showed no ego in their spirituality and “gifts”. Betsy and Tina always remained open minded .
    In the session, ideas and situations would form and sometimes a picture of situations would appear. Some of the experiences I had during my session included a feeling of separation and detachment from the “self” I know –as if I was seeking something from a dark alley…trying to see with clarity. When I relayed these ideas/visualizations it became apparent to me that so many of the experiences from the several lives I witnessed parallel my behaviors in this life which were creating stumbling blocks. With these new realizations, I now have the insight and power to change my present conditions and move forward without the old baggage—yet still lovingly embracing my past.

    Thank you, Betsy and Tina for sharing your abilities with me to help me grow and understand myself in a nonjudgemental atmosphere of love and support.

    Joan D.
    Sunland ,CA

  19. Lisa B. says:

    Working with Tina and Betsy was extremely powerful. They both have such compassion and insight! They are truly gifted. I would recommend that everyone experience a past life journey session with them. My experience goes beyond words. Thank you again!! Much Love, Lisa

  20. Wendy says:

    A wonderful thank you to Tina and Betsy for the powerful session we had this week. Their talents are quite advanced! I learned so much with the past lives that came through. I look forward to working again with you ladies!

  21. Ahmed says:

    The meticulous attention to detail to make for a productive session was off the charts! I’ll admit that I’m very left-brained so I had to put all my skepticism aside to make the best of it and all I can say is that it was totally worth it. Tina and Betsy are two gifted women and if you’re considering to go through a Past Life regression, then these are your go-to folks!

  22. Donna says:

    I want to thank Betsy and Tina for a very enlightening and healing session. I was initially nervous about the process but found them to be very calming and reassuring. I was gently eased into the session and guided by Betsy and Tina back to another time. I found myself able to view past lives, relationships, as well as some angelic beings. The knowledge I gained from the session has helped me release some blockages and connect more with my higher self. The experience helped confirm that I am never alone in my life’s journey, but have much love and support on the other side. I would encourage anyone who is considering a Past Life regression to do it in the caring and supportive hands of Tina and Betsy.

  23. Kristie says:

    Thank you Betsy and Tina for the huge amount of time that you spent with me during my session. You were so thorough in getting all the information relevant to my situation even before starting my past life regression, and of course the past lives we covered were exactly what I needed to know about. It was absolutely a life changing day for me.

    I have to tell you that I have done a lot of exploration into past lives, first just as a simple curiosity. Then I was introduced to the concept of changing the events of a past life as a way to heal the experience. When Edgar Cayce gave past life readings he would often comment that the entity had either “gained” or “lost” during a particular past life, meaning that they had either experienced soul growth or soul regression. It seemed that during the time that I was focused on altering my past life experience, I was mainly coming across past lives where I had “lost” sorts of experiences.

    But your technique is really the best way to handle any kind of past life experience. The act of forgiveness and acceptance is so pure and refreshing, Christ-like, heart based and perfect for every sort of past life experience. You really opened my eyes to how to heal through past lives without manipulation. Thank you.

  24. Jackie says:

    Thank You, Thank You so much for making my path clearer … for taking ur time to help me … u have help not only me … but helped everyone around me.

    You are so gifted … U all are. Thank You for sharing ur gifts n helping the world.

    Can’t Thank You all enough!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Tina and Betsy are incredibly gifted. The past life regression was more than I ever expected. I was worried that I would not be able to go deep enough into the hypnosis to experience a past life, but they took me quickly into hypnosis and I visited a past life, experienced my death, experienced time in my mother’s womb, and spent time on other side visiting with angels, fairies, and spirit guides. Through the past life regression, I learned more about why I faced certain challenges in this life, and I now more clearly understand why, as a soul, I chose to undergo certain experiences, and I feel stronger and more sure of myself as a result. This experience with Tina and Betsy helped me to (re)affirm my life purpose, and I am able to live more purposefully, reflectively, and joyfully now. To add to the experience, Tina and Betsy are both very intuitive, so they were able to give me insights into my past and present before and after we went into hypnosis.
    Kelly Simon

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for the past life regression. I feel that my perception of my life has changed as a result of the session and I’m looking forward to joining you for a meditation soon!

    Kelly S.

  27. Jackie says:


    My Past Life Regression was amazing, seeing and feeling the things I felt was indescribable. I was so blessed to have seen periods of my lifetimes that have helped me understand my soul path and see the forces of the universe around us. I was fortunate to see my grandchildren, and my Now-husband, whom I fell in love with at first sight 11 years ago. This experience has opened my eyes the beauty of MOTHER EARTH. Now I see how blessed WE ALL are to be on this beautiful Mother Earth and how WE need to love her and take care of her. Mother Earth is alive. I also discovered The POWER we have within ourselves, WE are great source of energy and light, and are all connected. Collectively WE can make a difference in what happens in the universe. Betsy and Tina are messengers of the universe to enlighten us and help us reach our higher selves, and BE ONE with GOD our SOURSE.

    I have a different view on everything… My life has been changed forever. I am so Thankful to GOD, all his angels, and to you both for helping me on this SOUL journey.


  28. S.H. says:

    Tina and Besty, I wanted to express my gratitude for blessing me with the experience of both Divine Intervention and deep profound understanding of Life – not just my life, but LIFE. The safety that I felt to journey through the past lives that I went through with you both was essential to be able to go so deep. I was able to trust you both as my guides knowing that you had my Higher Soul’s purpose in mind at all times. I came away with an understanding of Life in Human Form as Spiritual Beings. It all seemed to make sense to reassured me to both make the most out of my life as well as not to take life so seriously. It’s all in Perfect Divine Order according to our needs and the divinity of our souls. The most gratifying and most profound experience during the entire session was communing with my Higher Self. It was wonderful to hear and connect the Wiser aspect of myself – which reassures me that that part of me is never too far away, and always present with me. I only need to connect with it. With much gratitude and awe to you both for such a profound experience and for teaching me more about my Soul’s evolution.

  29. Patti says:

    Tina and Betsy thank you so much for inviting me onto your paths, my Collective Quantum Healing with you was such an experience that I’m still buzzing and feeling the transitions in my space. I feel clearer with what is my own information and what is not. Being intuitive has been such a journey in the last 2 years with our planet changing and shifting that the feelings of this shift is prominent in my life as well. I wasn’t sure what kind of healing this was but I as I was driving over to your house, I started getting information from my own guides. I keep seeing pictures of my regressions and they have opened up feelings that I have kept dormant for so long. Like a reminder to deal, feel and heal. The patterns were made apparent and I can see what they are. The both of you are so nice and intuitive. I felt very comfortable and at ease. Not to mention you made it fun. My spiritual path is also an adventure and the both of you have opened up a new avenue to what’s possible. Thank you and peace to you.

  30. Kathy says:

    This is an amazing experience. It was insightful and it allowed me to understand situations and events in my life that needed addressing. Tina and Betsy are loving and gentle and they made this process very comfortable.

  31. Michele S. says:

    First of all I wanted to thank Betsy and Tina for all of the love that they have in their hearts and souls for the growth of us all. . They give an experience like no one else offers and you will not find such a powerful team anywhere. They are able to allow you to see the potential you have in yourself, and guide you to reach levels you only dreamed about. Words cannot explain how they get your soul in touch with it’s higher consciousness. If you are lucky enough to discover this team of spiritual life changers, you must not hesitate to contact them and see for yourself how your life can be truly changed. Sending you both love and light, Michele

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hello Tina and Betsy,
    I want thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing!
    You two beautiful ladies have such a huge gift!
    My session was so powerful and enlightening that honestly,i’m still in awe.
    Thank you soooo much for your kindness,your help,your love,your time,your guidance and your patience:)
    Rachel M.

  33. Julie says:

    First and for most Thank-you both for having me for a past life regression, and also thank you for following your heart.
    The experience was truly a blessing and brought about alot of clarity to me from my higher self. The approach at which you both took me to a deeper level was very peaceful, and comforting. Knowing now what my higher self spoke of humbles me, and helps me remember a greater existence. It keeps me centerted and also wanting more :) I must be paitent and keep still ….. My heart is on the right track… Betsy and Tina you are truly a blessing in my life. Thank You

  34. Krissy says:

    If you are open to new experiences and would like to get a better understanding of yourself beyond the surface I would definitely recommend a session with Tina and Betsy. Both of these ladies are so kind and talented and have a way making you so comfortable. I was able to address one of my fears which I now realize is something that has followed me through several lifetimes. I have also learned things that I need to do in order to continue to progress with life. During the session I also received confirmation and guidance that will help me both with my spiritual and emotional growth. I now have some work to do on myself so, I can progress and maximize my experience her this time around. A past life regression session with Tina and Betsy is such an eye opening experience. If you are ready to delve deep into the past and your soul to learn and grow then you need to schedule a session with Tina and Betsy now!

  35. Ronald Bonk says:

    My experience with Betsy and Tina was extremely powerful! I was amazed at how they were able to describe in detail and by name some of my deceased relatives who were present during my session. The past life regression journey itself was exciting and eye-opening. I wound up in places I did not expect to have been! And yet the visions of what I had lived were very vivid and real. The experience provided me with new insight into my present life. I have new directions as well. Thank you Tina and Betsy! Your talent and wisdom have been a great help to me!!!!!!!!

  36. Kylie says:

    Wow! I just finished a session with Betsy and Tina and it was simply amazing. Not only was the session insightful, but very healing. I already feel the change in energy, and know that this experience has changed my life. Please understand that this is not your typical past-life regression, as it is much, much more. While my session didn’t touch on many past-life experiences, it helped me to understand blockages and overcoming them (this was more important to me, at this time than to have the regression). I will be doing it again!

36 thoughts on “Soul Healing & Soul Integration Testimonials

  1. WOW WOW WOW …thank you thank you thank you !!
    Thanks for everything Tina ..amazing session and i am still processing this whole thing !!


  2. hi Tina
    i never get to report back to you that my life has changed for better since the regression ,even my boyfriend noticed the difference in me. i just want to thank you for all you did and i will check out your meditation !

  3. Hi Tina!
    I just can’t not thank you enough for your help.
    There have been much positive changes since the regression.

    Love and Light!
    Kendra G.

  4. Every one said it here ! you are the best Tina .
    Thanks for all your help . Your hypnosis is a Gift from GOD !.

  5. Hi Tina,

    I wanted to thank you for all the telephone meditations I attended. They were all wondel you about how I’m feeling after the Quantum Hypnosis. I first noticed my ankle getting much better and has stayed that way. It used to hurt for years and be excruciating pain. Right now it hardly hurts if at all. Because of this I’m walking better with my new improved posture. The middle of my back still hurts but has improved. I keep praying and asking for more help. It seems to me that I could benefit from one of your “HOLISTIC HEALING -SCANNING-MESSAGES BY AKASHIC DIVINE & ARCHANGELS” sessions. I will have to schedule for your next one. You know as soon as I can afford it I will be one of your Akashic record students. I just wanted to stay in touch and thank you again for everything!


  6. Offers the opportunity to tune into other’s energy and trust the images that come to mind. I also chose to have a regression session with Tina, because I wanted to tap into the part of myself that I didn’t understand. I was seeking clarification, but what I received was way more than I can describe. Going into the session I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I would benefit from it greatly. Although I am still digesting the information I received, it’s allowed me to be more conscious of who I am and what I’m meant to do. I am grateful to Tina for her assistance on my spiritual journey and strongly recommend a session with her. ”

    — monica Diaz

  7. Thanks so much for this, Tina :))) Since our session, I’ve been focusing on the voice inside me that I recognized as the SC (without all the noise), and things have been falling into place. I’m beginning to remember who I am and my mission in this lifetime — and it’s something I never even considered before. You’re right — it’s about remembering who we really are and taking back our power. I’m so happy and excited about it all! :)))) Thank you again!

    Have a beautiful day,

  8. Hi Tina ! I want to let you know that you helped me a lot with this session . I have changed for better even my family noticed that i am much happier. I just want to thank you for all you did for me.
    Love and Light !
    Yvonne Johnson

  9. Thank you Tina for a great session. I was able to release so much that I never knew was still affecting my life today. It is amazing how much your therapy uncovers. Now I feel I can move forward in life without so much bogging me down. I am so glad to have come across you and I’m blessed by all that you do. You are a great beacon of light in this world (and beyond). Thank you so very much.

  10. Hi Tina:
    Thank you so much for the wonderful session. What an experience, the feeling of being healed was incredible and the amount of energy that was surging through me just felt soooooo good. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. It has only been less than a week since my session but I feel like things have already started to change. I don’t really know how to explain it except that I feel really happy and at peace. One of the most amazing things that just happened was I actually experienced being my higher self rather than just looking at my higher self from a third party view. That was great, something I never thought I could do in a million years. Wow
    Thank you Tina for your wonderful guidance, kindness and wisdom and especially for sharing your gifts with us all. My husband Joe was the one that introduced me to your classes, and since his healing session with you his own inner light just keeps on getting brighter and brighter and the change in him has just been amazing. Thank you!
    Love Tree

  11. Wonderful group that offers great growth. I Also had a regression with Tina which has held a variety of benefits. I’ve gained much knowledge and a deeper understanding of who I am. Tina, thank you for your wonderful guidance and pure love. ”

    — Angie

  12. My past life regression session with Tina was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I received many confirmations about my current life, and I know that I’m on the right path and what I must do. Having insight into my past lives and what I experienced there really gives me great strength and knowledge about living my life now with confidence in my true self. A lot of pain was released and a lot of ecstatic joy. I was able to communicate with my Angels and higher Self too. Tina is a beautiful teacher and guide throughout the journey. Thank you Tina!

  13. What a beautifully relaxing, encouraging, and affirming experience I had with Tina! I came in with no particular agenda and feel my consciousness was able to open and reveal to me some of my truest callings. Tina is very patient and is a perfect guide, never rushing the session as my subconscious mind weaved and bobbed its way to the surface. Truly a positive and balancing cosmic expedition. Thank you for facilitating.

  14. Hey Tina!
    Thank you so much for my past life regression Yesterday! I eaaaasily fell into a beautiful state of channeling my higher consciousness easily. At some points I was deeper into the state than others, but it was just when I started to notice my physical self that I would come out of it slightly. But, my imagination ran wild! I was guided through 2 past lives, both of which were holding EXTREME amounts of physical pain in my body, and now I’m happy to say that these pains are practically non-existent 🙂 they are just echoes now!
    Forgiving, letting that past body be at rest, and letting go, were incredibly beautiful and released those past pains.
    I even saw the relationship that I share with a good, good friend of mine and how it goes back so far in time 🙂
    Talking to and channeling my higher self felt so easy and I missed him! He’s a funny guy!

    Thank you Tina, the past life regression really is changing my life 🙂


  15. Thank you so much for the session. I’m still flying a little high with the places I got to visit.

    Just to let you know, I got the download onto my computer and I can hear the audio. I’ll start working on transcribing, soon!

    Thanks, again, you ROCK!


  16. Hey Tina !
    A lot happened since I was hypnotized . At first I did not understand but I think it was the releasing of toxic energy . All I know I have changed ( yes i listened to your recording many time and each time I understood more ) and many doors are beginning to open . I appreciate your work and your patience .
    Take care and will see you again .

  17. Hi, Tina

    All I can say is “Wow!” I went to bed with a smile on my face and it was still there this morning. =D Thank you so much for the help I needed! Do you give feedback from the session, the impressions and information you got from it? I remember you saying before we got started you saw my heart but I can’t really remember what you said about it. Also, would you mind giving me the names of the book(s) you had in mind to suggest for energy work? Thank you and have a wonderful day! ❤


  18. I am so glad i met you Tina . The session was not only profound to me but it helped me to understand all the blockages i have held in for so long . I just want to thank you for all the time you spent with me. You are truly a powerful Hypnotherapist !

  19. I went to a few Therapists in the past but none of them did what you did, the process of soul integration, forgiveness and how to heal myself in the crystal room with all the Angels and master healers in addition to QHHT healing . I experienced so much and i felt so healed . It was long 5 hours but i felt like just 1 or 2 to me . Just worth the two hours drive . I am grateful !…My mom will come to you soon .

  20. hi Tina
    i came to you for a session about 8 month ago and my health has improved in past few month and i know it has to do with your quantum healing . The pain on my back and legs are now gone . Thank you very much Tina
    Sharon G.

  21. I have been in the best mood today 🙂 I haven’t felt this happy in a long time , thank you Tina !!

  22. Hi just wanted to say Tina has profoundly shift the power within me and to that I thank you. My hypnosis was an awesome experience. : ) I recommend this to everyone ! Lewas

  23. Hi Tina: I’m Gloria. I want to thank you so much for the hypnosis, it is incredible how much I learn and confirm. I still processing everything. I come home that night and I realize that my bedroom is full of images of XXXX, and I did not know that when i got them , they were just nice pictures and papyrus. I hope I can accomplish everything I’m here for. Hope to talk to you soon,
    Big hug and hope to see you again


  24. Tina:

    First off, I’d love to thank you for the amazing work you help me through. Since our session I have been incredibly chipper. I am not the angry recluse I was in the past. The heaviness feeling has subsided as the days progress. These days I have been feeling more relaxed and at ease. I hadn’t enjoyed a drive in a long time. One of my favorite pass times is driving down my old neighborhood. I have a sense of relaxation when I do. I love driving down the Westside and taking in all its beauty. In short it serves as some sort of therapy for me. Taking a deep breath to take in my surroundings feels wonderful. It had been a while I hadn’t done so. The gradual changes have been amazing. My focus is coming back slowly and it’s noticeable. Even simple as taking time to read is appreciated.

    I’ve been more open to new ideas and other people’s opinion these last few weeks. Been more tolerable to situation I can’t control and it feels good to not stress over the little things. Even though work has been pretty busy these days it’s manageable. I have been making an effort to go out and do things I enjoy doing while I am out and about. I noticed it’s been easier to leave the house, converse with others – mainly strangers, I’ve noticed a major shift in my home life. We have been agreeing in major issues and decisions. There are still a couple of hiccups but most of us are in agreement for the most part. Recently I have been dreaming of people that are close to my heart. Even though I can’t understand the meaning behind the dreams, they have been pleasant so far.
    In the past I would avid confronting conflicts around me in order to avoid a dreadful confrontation. I don’t like confrontations since I can’t remember a whole lot that can help make my point. Lol These couple of months I have dealt with them head on and the results were incredible peaceful afterwards. Which is what I want at the end of the day. This is new since usually the results were never peaceful or favorable. Even though there is still some work to do on my end. There has been a tremendous amount of issues dealt with and sorted out. There’s more to add but I am still digesting while in awwe. Lol

    You have been utterly amazing!! All thanks to you. I would have never resolved these minor and big things on my own. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


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