13 thoughts on “Testimonials From Students

  1. I am a student of Tina’s Akashic class. But before I became her student I attended my first Akashic session with Tina and a few other students. I had no idea what I was doing or what the process was to entail. I only followed Tina’s direction in attaining access to the Akashic Library. I am a visual artist so it is not difficult for me to have vivid colorful mind-vistas, but I am also very science minded. Though open-minded, I am very skeptical of duping myself with hoaxes. My time is valuable, so I don’t wish to waste it with nonsensical activities. Additionally, and very important for me, was my curiosity with paranormal and mystical experiences and events. Because of this genuine curiosity, I sought out and read many books on psi and quantum theory. These writings are not written by spiritualists, but qualified scientists and science writers. The universal conclusion of these writings on psi and quantum theory, is that at the most quantum fundamental level of existence, existence is coherent vibrating waves of energy, which is commonly referred to as zero point field. Attending Tina’s workshops, events and classes has been my opportunity to access this zero point field, where it is said lies all past-present-future events, or universal consciousness, thus, the Akashic Library.

    Though my journey of self improvement and universal oneness discovery began before Tina’s classes, it was my psi experiences and attainment of the zero point field in Tina’s classes that truly opened the door to what I call super-space. You see, it was only with Tina’s involvement that I came to know that our universe is only a speck of sand, in this grand event of consciousness.

    Paul Benavidez, MFA

  2. The Akashic classes with Tina were always a fun-filled amazing journey of self discovery. I enjoyed sharing the energy and insight of classmates, as it opened a new door to connecting with my guides for healing and defining my soul purpose.



  3. Although I, personally, haven’t gotten massive downloads of information while being led by Tina into the Akashic Records, I have begun to see far more than I ever thought I would be capable of. At first I wasn’t even sure I could even believe in the existence of such a place where all knowledge exists, but in my first class I witnessed other people accessing information about each other that completely amazed and astounded me, and since then I have continued to be amazed. Tina’s calm and wise presence, combined with her imagination and cultivated knowledge and skills, enable people to awaken to their higher selves in an extraordinary and beautiful way. I would recommend her classes to anyone who is interested in such a process and in learning who they truly are and are capable of.

  4. Hi Tina!

    I’m so glad I came across Tina’s Akashic Record class. It is an amazing experience. The process was truly a blessing for me and I highly recommend it. Tina is a kind and wonderful teacher. I only wish I found her sooner!

  5. I was one of the 4 students in Tina’s First Class of “Akashic Records”. It took one class and all doors were open to me.
    I remember going in to a deep meditation and when entering the Akashic Library, I began to see. It was as if a movie had
    been turned on right before my eyes. I saw Spirits, pass lives of the sitter who mind you, I had never
    met prior to that night.
    It was amazing what was present before my eyes. With my eyes wide open, I began to see Beings, Spirits standing next to the sitter.
    I began to write information that was being presented to me. I lost track of time. When it was time to share,
    I realized I had written about 4 pages of information, including where he currently resides. The information included past lives, present time, and
    where he would be headed, the sitters “Life Path”. I was also given the gift of drawing and was able to share with Tina and the Sitter
    the Native American who I had seen stand next to him. I had never drawn prior to that night. Now drawing is a tool I use to bring in love ones as confirmation to the person they want to connect with. I was truly amazed at how clear all the information was and the beautiful gifts I was given that night. I was in a state of disbelief.

    Prior to Akashic, I had taken classes and had struggled to connect. However, after that night in September, my life purpose changed
    I have a true connection to Akashic and have been able access many of the beauties in Akashic.

    One of the most incredible testomial is that of an experience I encountered, let’s just call it a “Miracle”.

    About 2 weeks ago I had what I believed, a dream of a Spirit next to my bed. I was deep asleep but suddently it was as if I opened my
    eyes and saw this being do Surgery on my Head. Now let me add, the reason I ended on this path seeking healing, was due to some serious medical issues
    which included Neurocysticircosis (small parasite which calcified on the right frontal lobe) and severe chronic migraines.
    Now this night I felt this Spirit literally do what’s called Spirit Surgery on my Head. I sat up, said nothing, and allowed her to do what she needed to do. I asked no questions.
    I lived the experienced quietly and in disbelief. Even at that exact moment, I was confused whether it was real or if I was dreaming.Suddenly I realized she was finished and laid right back down to sleep. I recall feeling sore on my right side and had a weird sensation but just ignored all and went back to sleep.
    Now next morning, OH MY GOD…. I was pain free. No more headaches…..no more pain. I couldnt believe it. I was happy yet so confused. I shared the experience with my husband and sent a message to Tina to share my story. She asked that I get a scan just to check if it was healed. Funny thing is that my previous scan my new Neurologist requested, had not came out clear and my he requested I get another scan. Mind you, I’ve had about 8 scans since 2004 that showed the presence of the calcification on the right side. I won’t ever forget the Doctors phone call, the shortest, yet most meaningful call I have ever received. Doctor shared that my scan was Clean, Normal. He was in disbelief himself. He had copies of my scans that I had taken to him which I had taken prior to seeing him from 3 different imaging centers and had shown all that I have stated above. He went as far as to confirm with me what medicine he had prescribed to me. I just couldn’t believe all he was saying. He said, “Alll I know is that your Scans are Normal. There is nothing showing on the scans”. He said, I will see you in a month to see if you have any pain or headaches. Now if that’s not a Miracle, I truly don’t know what is. I’m so humbled by the healing that took place, by the beautiful connection I now have – the gifts, my team of guides, my Teachers, Tina…… No words can express the true Love and Joy I have for the Divine. I’m now on the right path, I’m on my Soul’s Path. I’ve been able to continue my growth in Akashic and have been taught many lessons in what Akashic has to offer. I have been introduced into the Healing Chambers of Akashic, as well as to the Paradise of the Aftelife, and a room where Spirits await to communicate with me to bring messages to their love ones. The list goes on and on. Im thankful to Tina for deciding to teach and opening her world of knowledge to those on the path of being awaken and learning. I also thank you for allowing me to share my experinces.Thank you Tina


    September 28th 2012

  6. Tina’s Akashic course is an amazing journey that can improve your life in ways beyond your imagination! The knowledge and awareness you gain is something you can use for your entire life. Also, Tina’s guided meditations are truly wonderful! Tina, thank you very much! ”

    — Jenny on Jun 24, 2013

  7. Hi Tina.

    Thank you for a wonderful workshop. It was well worth it and I am happy to have meet you. Thank you for sending the mp3 files so that we can practice!


    class July 7th 2013

  8. They say ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. Tina is that teacher. She came into my life to teach me how to control the gift I have always had has and has been a great encouragment for my son who is a spiritually advanced child. You are very special to give of your time the way you do and for that I am grateful.

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