Testimonials by Tina’s clients & Students

These are all Testimonials of my TEACHING, My Service of Reading , Healing  !


Tina is an amazingly intuitive reader who helped me gain the courage to confront a painful issue with my partner. Because of her reading, he and I are still together. I am doubtful this would be the case if she hadn’t assured me that confronting our issues would be met with love and trust. 

Thank you Tina !

Jen October 27th 2010 , 12:56


Your reading is correct– you ARE very good!!! wow! i can’t believe you picked up on all of that with just one sentence of me asking about my career!!!! i’m so impressed! i am going to email you with more detailed feedback (don’t want to write out my life story here). but to anyone reading this now, Tina nailed it on the head! you are super good! thank you for giving me a little hope in an otherwise difficult time right now.

Moi –France

October 30th 2010



You hit the nail right on the head. I pretty much did loose two people that I love, and my job. Thank you for taking your time to do this reading for me. I will take your good advice and try to put some effort into meditating. 


July  31st, 2009 , 17:35


Hi Tina!

you are spot on in every way being used i always try ta give and things just got on top of me the one thing i love and havent done for a while is healing people i breath it love it i live it its what i do best also been a bit ill so theres a lot in the mix if i could disaper i would and get away with it i would but i know my place is here at the mo…..L&L to ya AT 


June 03, 209 , 8:05


You are truely gifted!. I didnot agree what you said but I found out things coming up as you told me . I am still amazed of how you know all this . I never believe in phychics until now . Keep up the good work, I will come back to see you again .

Stephanie Ramirez

March 11th 201 , 9:22


I got a clairvoyant reading from Tina and as amazed at what she picked up, also some very specific details that I connected to immediately. Would give her the highest marks in regards to accuracy.


May 4, 2011 3:20 PM


I too got a clairvoyant reading from Tina and it really opened my eyes to things in my life that I was missing, I am grateful for her kindness in offering a reading.


May 8, 2011 10:35 AM


Tina’s reading for me was amazing…she is fantastic! What she told me was very accurate…and I would say she is a 10 in her abilities.

May 8, 2011 7:17 PM


I was given a reading by Tina and am blown away with the accuracy of her gift.

With no hints from me, Tina observed just what was going on within my life. Her careful but gentle prompting even allowed me to recall something I did not notice.
I, for one, am in awe of her gift and her reading is stunning. A big help to me as I walk my life path. Her guidance will be sought again and again


May 9, 2011 7:40 PM


Ever since I’ve been in contact with Tina she has always combined gentle guidance with great accuracy as regards to the issues and feelings I am experiencing. She can give a straight analysis to your ‘situation’ and the advice that goes with it. She is very approachable and has a positive manner which always leaves you uplifted and confident towards the future. Some readers just throw some truth at their querents regardless of the consequences..Tina lets you go back to her with questions and is always happy to investigate an issue further. Thanks Tina for your time and attention.

Palin -France

May 11, 2011 11:39 AM


Recently I received a wonderful reading from Tina. I was so impressed with her accuracy and insight. She not only described things that are currently happening in my life, but she was also able to accurately describe the area where I currently live. Furthermore, she mentioned that my family may be moving soon, not knowing that we are, in fact, in the process of re-locating.

Her reading was accurate, insightful and encouraging. Tina provides her clients not only with truly insightful information, but also presents the information in a very kind, hopeful and calming manner.

I would surely recommend her talents and gifts to anyone interested in receiving excellent guidance and information.


May 11, 2011 9:56 PM


Tina has a fantastic gift, she allways can connect to me.

I used to love so much her tarot readings.

I can say her gift has clairoyant made me cry, it was amazing the information she can catch and give it to me.
A deepest message from an “angel” to help me with something very painfull.

Thank you dear Tina.

Maria T. Spain

May 16, 2011 3:22 PM



I would like to thank you for your accurate reading. You helped me to understand what’s going on in my life. You also helped me to understand the confusion in my life. Her readings are detailed, honest, and done with much compassion. You have a very beautiful gift! Thanks again!


May 18, 2011 5:43 AM


I received a clairvoyant reading from Tina via the internet and it was very insightful and accurate. She is very perceptive to the things that have been going on in my life at the present time as well as the energies surrounding those things. Her reading for me gave me helpful information as to how to improve my future and continue to improve myself. Thank you so much Tina for the time and energy you put into my reading. You are FANTASTIC!!!

Vanessa ,CA

June 4, 2011 9:27 AM


You were very right in my reading. The guy I was seeing was totally closed off to me, to everyone. Also, Im totally drained of all energy…exhausted and weak. Amazing how right you were!


June 6, 2011 12:51 PM


Not long ago I received an online reading with Tina, and I have to tell you~ She’s great! *It must be known, that I did not give her ANY information about me, yet she was still very much able to read me well. She is very kind and accurate about my life and the things going on with me. I highly recommend a reading with her. You will not be disappointed 🙂


June 23, 2011 1:57 AM


Tina is a very good reader. She hit on points that I wanted to know about and gave me the reading in a very warm approachable way. I highly recommend her.

Sarah Rachael

July 6, 2011 2:09 PM


I was absolutely blown away by Tina’s reading. there were so many messages it confirmed, and so much advice that was given. She was able to pinpoint an exact time frame of when my difficulty began..amazing. She is also highly empathic and could sense my personality and feelings/emotions. Everything was spot-on. No info was given to her. She tapped into the major things in my life I needed guidance in, and then gave suggestions on what could be done. I HIGHLY recommend Tina to anyone who would like to see someone with a TRUE and real gift. She is genuine, kind and highly gifted.


July 6, 2011 8:20 PM


I have just received an online clairvoyant reading from Tina, her accuracy is truly amazing. Tina is gifted, kind and compassionate.

In Love & Light


July 8, 2011 4:13 PM


You will be amazed at how many details Tina will give you with very little to go on. She is a truly amazing and gifted reader, and very sweet and accurate. She has helped me in more ways than I can count. If you are looking for a fantastic reading, Tina is the one you need to go to. I wish her many blessings 🙂


September 19, 2011 10:22 PM


Thanks so much Tina! That was very accurate.

You were my first intuitive reading ever 🙂

What you were saying is very accurate; I’m a vet working through ptsd which you definitely picked up on.

I will definitely be contacting you again
I found you from the Tarot forum. You had so many people recommend you there that I had a good feeling in you. 🙂

You are very talented! Thank you for that reading.
Brian p.


“Tina is such a talented teacher. Her patience, creativity and insight are so refreshing. She is a teacher that makes it fun to take her classes and we’re learning so much in the process. I am so grateful to have met such an old soul with such a young heart.”

Molly F.  , MN USA


“Tina is a great teacher. Her exercises/workshops are creative and addicting. With each class, you will continue to be amazed at how your own skills are improved without realizing it. She is great at bringing people together for fun, and spiritual fulfillment.”

Will Elle , Arizona -USA


I’m amazed that you received so much visual input in the first place, Tina, and then that so much of it seems to apply so readily to my life!! In all of my experience so far with psychic work, divination, meditation, visualization, Tarot, etc., I’d say any input that I get is overwhelmingly in the form of “claircognizance,” or as I think of it, “just knowing stuff” — I don’t get much in the way of visions (clairvoyance), sounds/music/voices (clairaudience), or sensations (clairsentience), so I’m rather astounded by people like you who do! This was so impressive!

Thank you for the great reading! It really kind of helps to further validate a lot of the big choices I’ve made, and it sounds very encouraging in looking at what seems to be awaiting me up ahead. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this, Tina!! Best wishes!

Steve, 2-1-12




64a-Dear Peggy, I would like to vote for Tina Saelee she was helping my family get back together with her psychic prediction. And even help us how to solve all family problem, she is so truly reliable and desperate and sacrifice her honor to help people and so straight fortune teller. I really need her help when I have trouble and I still usual ask her service all time. I already told and recommended a lot of my friends of her skill and knowledge again I would like to vote for her all the ways. Sincerely, Tony Chiam


64bI am pledging my vote for an amazing psychic/medium/healer, Tina Saelee.  She has no only given me amazing readings, she is also wonderfully gifted with encouragement, motivation and has even hypnotized me.  The way she has interwoven her psychic gifts in with her hypnosis training has definitely added another spark to her already strong fire.  Tina Saelee, most definitely, deserves to be in this registry and my vote goes to her. Sue Dixon


64c-Hi Peggy. I met Tina Saelee through a chat group for practicing psychics that Tina organizes. I have never met her in person, but her energy always comes through very strongly in her practice sessions. She is amazingly spot on with her readings. On top of that, she is very nurturing and understanding. I have see her hit on very specific things happening in people’s lives, connect with people’s deceased loved ones, and remote view objects and places in amazing detail. These gifts, combined with her loving and nurturing nature, make her an ideal psychic. Kind regards, Aneace Haddad


64d-Hi Peggy, I would like to nominate Tina Saelee as a psychic and healer for your magazine.  Tina has amazing abilities and she is very accurate!  Mridula (Marie) Langlie, REALTOR (R), GRI Century 21 Premier Group


 64e-Hi there Peggy:) i heard from Tina Saelee that there is a contest going on for best psychic. I’d like to vote for Tina Saelee.It has been a true blessing to know her,she’s been a god sent angel in my life.Ive been seeing her for hypnosis & spiritual healing, she’s even helping me meditate on her free time.she without a doubt is transforming my life. Ive never met someone as kind,good natured,caring ,patient or as insightful as her & can truly say, she is the best .So like i said, my vote is for Tina Saelee. Rachel Maguire


 64f-Good morning! I would like to nominate Tina Salee for work as a healer and hynotherapist. She is a loving being with amazing abilities who is always willing to share her abilities and donate her time. Thank you and have a beautiful day! Tracy Isaacs


64g- Hi there, I would like to say a few words about Tina Saelee. I had a psychic reading with her and she’s wonderful. She’s very insightful, very calming she explains what she feels and see’s with so much compassion and understanding. She also did reiki on me and I instantly felt calm and in control. –Susie Pelayo


64h-Dear Peggy, I’ve known Tina Saelee as I was taking classes  at our hypnotherapy school.  She did a reading on me and gave wonderful insights about myself that I never had experienced.  She pointed out where my stumbling blocks were and guided me to the directions I needed.  I couldn’t be more grateful for knowing her and having her as my spiritual guide and healer. Thanks, Karen V. Kartika, MBA Motivational Coach Leadership Mentor Hypnotherapist


64i-Hello, i just wanted to send in a vote for Tina Saelee! I have spoken with her many times, she is gifted psychic and a wonderful person. Her light and love within is eminent. Regards, Ramtin Pourvasei


64j-Tina Saelee. Hi there staff, I have had her read for me several times.   She is accurate about many things.   I feel she is good at what she doesBest, Sam


64k-I would like to put my vote in for Tina Saelee – I’ve never seen a person more passionate about hauling, hypnotherapy as well as a brilliant psychic.  She truly works from the heart.-Chase McKenna

64l-Dear Peggy, I’m writing to place a vote for Tina Saelee in the Psychic Healer/ Hypnotherapist category for this year’s top 200 psychics. I have worked with Tina for years and have been involved with her doing psychic readings, healing and remote viewing. Her accuracy is phenomenal but what really stands out for me is her sense of compassion for others, her determination to seek a close connection with God and help make the world a better place by helping others. Please place a vote from me for Tina Saelee in the Psychic Healer/ Hypnotherapist category. Thank You, Thomas Giovannoni


64m-Hello, I want to place a vote for Tina Saelee as a psychic. I have been working with her for about six months and she has been a mentor for an entire community of new psychics. Tina leads by demonstrating the ease and power of clairvoyant intuition, and has been a great example of service in action. Best, Annie Hollingsworth


64n-Hello Peggy, I cast my vote for Tina Saelee as Best Psychic. She is a very kind, giving and caring psychic. Tina always gives 110% to each sitter as she shares past, present and future knowledge and wisdom. Her gentle manner allows one to instantly trust and open up and experience her magic. Donna Ruffin


64o-Attn:  Peggy North I would like to nominate Tina Saelee for best psychic, medium.  She is a caring sharing person with a genuine passion for using her gift for the good of others  It is a pleasure to be in her presence to experience her positive energy.  For Tina, it is not about taking people’s money in return for her services, she truly cares about people and has a passion for helping others. Margie Burrows Rodeo Realty


27 thoughts on “Testimonials by Tina’s clients & Students

  1. I had my reading by Tina online and was taken back at the information that she gave me that only I knew…. that I did not give her ANY information about me, She was very sensitive and kind during my reading. I am still amazed at accuracy Tina gave me about my life and the things going on with me. I highly recommend a reading with her. The great thing about having a online reading is that you can reread it later and digest and apply the information that Tina has given you….I have re-read my reading so many times and am still blown away at what came out that only I knew. I will have Tina read me again with no hesitation and highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a straight up and honest reading and guidance.

  2. Hi Tina:
    I wanted to stop by and leave my comment about the e mail reading I requested. I would like to thank you and to recommend your work to anyone who runs into your page. You are really gifted in your abilities and your readings are amazing. Thank you very much for guiding me with the questions I had and for giving a very accurate reading about my current situation.

  3. Thank you Tina for the amazeing reading. She was accurate and revealing. I Will recomend you to anyone.

  4. Tammy young says:
    July 4, 2012 at 8:56 am
    hey Tina thanks for your service.
    i went to see Tina for 5 sessions and Tina helped me with the issue completely .
    Thank you very much . i am forever grateful.
    Tammy young.

  5. you know me more than any one else in your reading !!
    i can not express much thanks and appreciation for your reading, guidance .
    really forever grateful to you .

    Ganjana Roongreongphithai

  6. thank you ka for your wonderful reading for me . you help me a lot with my decision . i will recommend my friends to your service .

  7. I have not found anyone else but you that I can talk and share and ask question and get answer about this unknown. You are very special to me, Tina. Very very special. Not just because you are psychic, but also, what you convey to me really does reach me and resonate deep core of me. You give very rare and special experience and knowledge that I really want.

    I am so glad I have met you, or if I had planned it, I am so glad I have found you again without fail, “now”.
    Thank you Tina, just being there and being who you are.


  8. Nui says:
    September 2, 2012 at 4:16 p.m.

    I am taking beginning tarot class with Tina since beginning of August. Tina is very warmth, pleasant, speaks clearly and let me experiment with card reading in every session. She also encourage me not to be afraid of reading the cards because each card interpretation is based on my thoughts and how I feel about it. I am planning to take several classes with Tina.

    Also, she did a reading for me way back in July. The minute I walked in, she said there was an elderly lady walking behind me. She had a short grey hair, tiny looking, very peaceful and happy. I was completely shocked because it was my mother who passed away on April 19. Tina is truly exceptional. That is why I want to be her student for a long time.

    You are the best Tina.


  9. Hi Tina,
    Thank you again for the class today, I really enjoy it!! I wanted to ask you if you ever offer classes on learning Tarot Cards, I’m really interested them.

    Kathy A.

  10. Mary Boros. Said:: I was at the meet up last nite and it was beyond amazing. Tina is one of the best teachers I have encountered. Her meditation/healing was something I have never learned before. Thank you. ”

  11. I was one of the 4 students in Tina’s First Class of “Akashic Records”. It took one class and all doors were open to me.

    I remember going in to a deep meditation and when entering the Akashic Library, I began to see. It was as if a movie had
    been turned on right before my eyes. I saw Spirits, pass lives of the sitter who mind you, I had never
    met prior to that night.
    It was amazing what was present before my eyes. With my eyes wide open, I began to see Beings, Spirits standing next to the sitter.
    I began to write information that was being presented to me. I lost track of time. When it was time to share,
    I realized I had written about 4 pages of information, including where he currently resides. The information included past lives, present time, and
    where he would be headed, the sitters “Life Path”. I was also given the gift of drawing and was able to share with Tina and the Sitter
    the Native American who I had seen stand next to him. I had never drawn prior to that night. Now drawing is a tool I use to bring in love ones
    as confirmation to the person they want to connect with. I was truly amazed at how clear all the information was and the beautiful gifts I was
    given that night. I was in a state of disbelief.

    Prior to Akashic, I had taken classes and had struggled to connect. However, after that night in September, my life purpose changed

    I have a true connection to Akashic and have been able access many of the beauties in Akashic.

    One of the most incredible testomial is that of an experience I encountered, let’s just call it a “Miracle”.

    About 2 weeks ago I had what I believed, a dream of a Spirit next to my bed. I was deep asleep but suddently it was as if I opened my
    eyes and saw this being do Surgery on my Head. Now let me add, the reason I ended on this path seeking healing, was due to some serious medical issues
    which included Neurocysticircosis (small parasite which calcified on the right frontal lobe) and severe chronic migraines.
    Now this night I felt this Spirit literally do what’s called Spirit Surgery on my Head. I sat up, said nothing, and allowed her to do what she needed to do. I asked no questions.
    I lived the experienced quietly and in disbelief. Even at that exact moment, I was confused whether it was real or if I was dreaming.
    Suddenly I realized she was finished and laid right back down to sleep. I recall feeling sore on my right side and had a weird sensation but just ignored all and went back to sleep.

    Now next morning, OH MY GOD…. I was pain free. No more headaches…..no more pain. I couldnt believe it. I was happy yet so confused.
    I shared the experience with my husband and sent a message to Tina to share my story. She asked that I get a scan just to check if it was healed.
    Funny thing is that my previous scan my new Neurologist requested, had not came out clear and my he requested I get another scan.
    Mind you, I’ve had about 8 scans since 2004 that showed the presence of the calcification on the right side.

    I won’t ever forget the Doctors phone call, the shortest, yet most meaningful call I have ever received.
    Doctor shared that my scan was Clean, Normal. He was in disbelief himself. He had copies of my scans that I had taken to him which I had taken
    prior to seeing him from 3 different imaging centers and had shown all that I have stated above. He went as far as to confirm with me what medicine
    he had prescribed to me. I just couldn’t believe all he was saying. He said, “Alll I know is that your Scans are Normal. There is nothing showing on the scans”.
    He said, I will see you in a month to see if you have any pain or headaches.
    Now if that’s not a Miracle, I truly don’t know what is.

    I’m so humbled by the healing that took place, by the beautiful connection I now have – the gifts, my team of guides, my Teachers, Tina……
    No words can express the true Love and Joy I have for the Divine.

    I’m now on the right path, I’m on my Soul’s Path.

    I’ve been able to continue my growth in Akashic and have been taught many lessons in what Akashic has to offer. I have been introduced into the Healing Chambers
    of Akashic, as well as to the Paradise of the Aftelife, and a room where Spirits await to communicate with me to bring messages to their love ones. The list goes on and on.

    Im thankful to Tina for deciding to teach and opening her world of knowledge to those on the path of being awaken and learning. I also thank you for allowing me
    to share my experinces.

    Thank you Tina

  12. The first time experienced Tina was through my brother as he was having a quantum hypnosis healing. I was 40 miles away and yet suddenly I felt it, I stood in the middle of my room weeping with joy as I knew in my heart that this was real and that from here on out everything would be ok. So i had to meet this woman. I did a few of the teleconference meditations then came with him to a class not having any idea what I was getting into. The class stated with Tina guiding us through her amazing meditaion then one of her students, Monica, did her channeling. WOW, my life changed that day as they woke me up and pulled me “out of the closet” into the true nature of who I really am. Now I’m about mid-way through the Akashic classes. Words cannot discribe how wonderful they’ve been. For anyone out there that wants to live a happy, enlightened life, I highly recommend it. My brother, his wife, my daughter and I are all students of Tina’s together on this wonderful journey into the Akashic. Thank you Tina for the incedible work you do in this world. You never seize to amaze me. We’re all so excited to see what becomes of this and we love you.



  13. Hi there,

    I had a session with Tina on May 1st and it was life altering.

    Since then I have recommended her to most of my clients and friends.

    Her gentle and spiritual nature guides you smoothly into your unconscious — the creative ground of your life — where you first meet your personal complexes and then, if you are ready, she takes you to the collective unconscious, or what others might call the source.

    It’s like having a waking dream for two hours.

    I can’t recommend her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session enough.

    May the Source be with you,

    Dr Bren

  14. Hi Tina,
    Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful classes! I enjoyed
    the serie classes so much! The classes have been so special and
    important to me. Yes, priceless. You are such a special teacher, so
    generous to share your wisdom and knowledge. Thank you! Jenny

  15. “I learned so much in the Past Life Regression Hypnosis Class. The script is amazing. You gave us so many helpful scenarios and tips. The process you take the client through is so thorough and powerful. I feel fully equipped to start practicing. Thank you.”

  16. Hi Tina,

    I just wanted to say thank you, last nights class was mind blowing for me and I walked away with so many pieces put together. I had been feeling like maybe I wasn’t fully connected because I wasn’t experiencing synchronicity in my life, but last night I experienced a whole bunch of it all at once and it brought forth a whole new level of my healing and I am just really grateful. I am looking forward to the next ascension class!

  17. Just wanted to let you know that I used your Spiritual Past Life method on a client today, and it went GREAT! She had a tremendously good regression. The Saelee Method is awesome!



  18. This was such an incredible session and I hope it becomes an ongoing ritual. I think all women can deeply benefit from this experience. My mind and body just flowed in tune with the music and the sound of Tina’s voice as she guided me through the workout using guided visualizations, affirmations and post hypnotic suggestions. I felt myself gently unwinding emotionally, mentally and physically during and after the session. What a really great idea, Tina!


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